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"My wife and I have stayed at one of Van's & Helen's homes for over a year and a half. Our home is tastefully decorated and well supplied with all extra needed accessories like dishes, pot & pans, silverware and towels. Everything you need is there when you move in. Just bring your clothes and enjoy.

But what makes the experience great it just how personal both Van and Helen treat us and their desire to make anything you need is always available upon request. Even when you don't need anything they're asking if you do.

Just like any restaurant when I eat at a nice place they all have great food. But you're desire to come back is often based on how the staff treats you. Van & Helen should have their pictures in the dictionary next to customer service.

You will NEVER regret staying in one of their homes.

TK & Chaz

P.S. If you want to speak with us just ask Van Or Helen and they will give you our number.

Have a blessed stay."

Tekena Imeleye

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