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"My friend is a patient at MD Anderson, and recovering from a stem cell transplant to cure his Leukemia. He stayed at one of Van and Helen's houses on Craighead Rd, and it was one of the greatest decisions they made. The houses are beautiful, private and peaceful. The one we stayed in had an extra in-law unit in the back, which was great because it let his friends come and stay with him without being a burden.

The houses are 10 minutes away from MD Anderson, and are all super private with their own gates and yards. The neighborhood is very safe and quiet, since the property owners own all the houses on the block and live right there.

The owners have been very kind and considerate to us, and it has been such a blessing that we were able to find the place and that it all worked out. I would recommend anyone receiving treatment at MD Anderson who needs to live right near the hospital to talk to Van and Helen and rent one of their houses.
There's no better place to get better. ;-)"

Michael S.

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